Old Redford Greenway Meeting Rescheduled & Summary Video


We’ve pushed our community update from January 28th to the 4th thanks to the snowstorm yesterday. Check out the updated facebook event and flyer below.

Greenway Details Video

Instead of waiting a week to get the latest project details out, we’ve made a video.

We’ll be be covering the same content on the 4th if you have questions.

You’ll also find documents linked below for the details of the City of Detroit hiring a designer for the greenway project.

Old Redford Community Update

Life Challenge Ministries
17667 Pierson St
Detroit, MI 48219

Feb 4th 6pm-7:30pm


The City of Detroit is planning a greenway through our neighborhood that would connect to the larger 26 mile Joe Louis Greenway. The planned greenway would run from Downtown Detroit through Hamtramck Highland Park and Dearborn. It’s still early days and you can be a part of shaping what this greenway does for our community.

CDC Formation

Continuing the conversation around establishing an Old Redford CDC, growing autonomy for Old Redford, developing young leadership in the community, & leveraging the planned development in our area to meet our communities specific needs.

Please RSVP

Old Redford Greenway Brainstorm Map

Greenway Bid Details

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